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"Must Not Forget 9/11 Attacks": Indian Diplomat Pays Tribute At Memorial

09/21/21 10:07 AM

The 9/11 terror attacks, their victims and lessons learnt from the "heinous" assault must not be forgotten, India has said, asserting that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations is condemnable.

"Wake-Up Call": Germany Joins Chorus Supporting France On Submarine Row

09/21/21 2:49 PM

The US and Australian decision to strip France of a submarine supply contract was a stark reminder the EU must bolster its own capacity to act independently of its allies, Germany's Europe minister...

'Fundamental shift' in post-9/11 era shifted trillions of dollars to major defense firms

09/19/21 9:36 AM

The post-9/11 era brought permanent changes to U.S. military strategy. For defense contractors, it also sparked a significant cash windfall as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and conflicts in other hot spots in the Middle East and beyond, funneled trillions of dollars away from the rank-and-file military and toward ...

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'I want to see what the law is': Man sues Texas doctor who violated abortion ban to test law's constitutionality

09/21/21 11:01 AM

Dr. Alan Braid of San Antonio has been sued by a former lawyer from Arkansas for performing an abortion that violates Texas' new ban on the procedure.      

'Over the moon': Gayle King is 'officially a grandmother' after daughter welcomes son Luca

09/20/21 8:12 PM

Gayle King said she has "wanted to be a grandmother for a long time." Now the 66-year-old journalist doesn't have to wait any longer.      

'Your Way Is Failing': Jake Tapper Grills Mississippi Gov. On COVID-19 Strategy

09/19/21 10:23 PM

The CNN host asked GOP Gov. Tate Reeves if he planned to do anything differently to contain his state's devastating outbreak.

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'He's a true heavyweight now': Oleksandr Usyk ready for Anthony Joshua

09/17/21 7:55 AM

If Oleksandr Usyk defeats Anthony Joshua, he'll be a unified heavyweight champ, and a hero's welcome will be assured back in his native Ukraine.

'I'm a lucky dude' - Kyler Murray on versatility of Cardinals' offense

09/19/21 11:47 PM

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray describes his thoughts on the late game field goal miss by the Vikings, the ability to finish teams off and the versatility of the offense.

'They were ballin' today' - Jimmy Garoppolo praises defensive effort in 49ers victory

09/19/21 8:29 PM

Jimmy Garoppolo praised the defensive effort of the San Francisco 49ers in their 17-11 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Garoppolo also talked about key third down conversion to seal the victory.