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"A Fantasy": Russian Official On Italian Peace Plan For Ukraine

05/25/22 7:16 PM

Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Wednesday that an Italian peace plan for Ukraine was a "fantasy".

"An Epidemic We Can Control": Actor Matthew Mcconaughey On Texas Shooting

05/25/22 7:19 PM

Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, a native of Uvalde, Texas, has shared a social media message addressing the mass shooting that occurred at Robb Elementary School which is in his hometown.

"Grateful It Didn't Result In...": Gun Found In Desk Of Class 2 Student

05/25/22 3:55 PM

The incident at Texas school was the eighth mass shooting this year, according to news agency AFP, and came 10 days after incident in New York.

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'FBI' Season Finale Taken Off Air Following Texas School Shooting

05/25/22 12:36 AM

CBS removed the episode that included automatic weapons from its Tuesday schedule.

'Sick S**t': Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's Haunting Gun Tweet Resurfaces After Massacre

05/24/22 11:41 PM

Twitter users call out Abbott after the mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas.

'They're not trying to die': How drug checking aims to protect users in a messy market

05/22/22 12:00 PM

Overdoses claimed some 107,000 lives last year in the U.S. Public health advocates, researchers and activists want to help people find out what is in their drugs.

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'Enough': Kerr reacts to shooting with fervent plea

05/25/22 11:38 AM

Hours before Tuesday night's Game 4 in Dallas, Warriors coach Steve Kerr delivered an impassioned plea for gun control in response to the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school that left 19 children dead.

'Tiger Woods won this Masters' — Skip Bayless I UNDISPUTED

04/11/22 3:49 PM

Despite shooting 6-over his final two rounds, Tiger Woods making the cut and playing all 72 holes was the bigger story after the Masters. Skip Bayless shares his thoughts on Tiger's performance.

2020 Ballon d'Or Award Cancelled

07/20/20 1:18 PM

The biggest prize in the world of soccer won't be awarded this year, due to the conditions created by the COVID pandemic.