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'Catfishing' cop pretended to be 17, 'groomed' California girl before killing her family, then himself

11/30/22 6:52 PM

Austin Lee Edwards posed online as a teen to 'groom' a 15-year-old girl before killing her three family members in Riverside, police say. Officials said he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

'Gimme Shelter': California's wildest housing story of 2022

12/01/22 5:51 PM

The 2022 Avocado of the Year goes to the Silicon Valley town of Woodside. The community tried to evade a state law that would allow the construction of duplexes by declaring itself a mountain lion habitat.

'His passion was flying': Vietnam veteran and friend die in Torrance plane crash

12/01/22 8:50 PM

'They were coming in for a landing. We don't know what happened yet but speculations are a wind pocket or something sent them nose-down,' said the son of one of the men.

'Off the charts': California hit with very high flu activity, among worst in U.S.

12/03/22 2:00 PM

On Friday, the CDC's color-coded map showed California and nearly a dozen other states shaded purple, the worst of the three shades in the very high flu level.

'Um, I need help': Boy makes 911 call from inside father's car

11/29/22 12:53 AM

As his father drove from California toward Nevada, repeating prayers while wearing a football helmet, a 12-year-old boy made an emergency call from the passenger seat, telling dispatchers he was concerned about his safety.

10 students treated for suspected overdoses at Van Nuys Middle School

12/01/22 8:05 PM

Fentanyl is ruled out as a cause after multiple students with 'medical complaints' are reported at Van Nuys Middle School on Thursday morning.

2 jurors in Danny Masterson rape trial dismissed due to COVID; deliberations to restart

11/28/22 7:00 PM

Two jurors in Danny Masterson rape trial test positive for the coronavirus and are replaced with alternates, meaning deliberations must start over.

25 classmates were hurt in a horrific crash. The recruits who remain fight through pain

12/03/22 1:00 PM

The recruits returned to STARS Center in South Whittier, their numbers smaller, their schedules filled with well-wishers, their lives getting back on track

A catfishing cop came to California and killed their family. They have an urgent message for parents

12/01/22 1:00 PM

Family members of three slain Riverside residents -- two grandparents and a single mom -- implored parents to protect their children after a Virginia cop catfished and "groomed" a 15-year-old daughter of one of the victims, killed her family and set fire to their home.

Anaheim man pleads guilty to stealing Olympic volleyball player's gold medal from her garage

11/30/22 12:15 AM

Jordan Fernandez pleaded guilty Monday to stealing an Olympic gold medal from the garage of volleyball player Jordyn Poulter.

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