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"I've never had problems with them," says neighbor of 4-year-old boy allegedly abused by foster mom

11/24/21 11:22 PM

Andres, a 4-year-old boy, was placed with a foster parent. After living with her for six months, he was taken to a hospital in critical condition and placed in a coma because of a brain injury.

'Astounding and Alarming': Rand Paul Scolds Fauci for Saying 'I Represent Science'

11/29/21 12:37 AM

Sen. Rand Paul publicly scolded Dr. Anthony Fauci for arrogantly presenting himself as a representative of science to deflect from criticism. 

'Grattitude' with attitude

11/22/21 7:39 PM

Artist Peter Tunney's exclusive "GRATTITUDE" and "LIBERTY" artwork using USA TODAY NETWORK pages is available as NFTs to benefit charity.      

'He's my musical companion': Lady Gaga salutes, duets with Tony Bennett 'One Last Time'

11/29/21 1:28 PM

Tony Bennett, 95, who has Alzheimer's disease, played a poignant farewell show with Lady Gaga, airing on CBS as the TV special 'One Last Time.'      

'No longer the cool story:' 106-0 win has obscured Inglewood High football's incredible rise

11/20/21 1:02 AM

The Inglewood High football team was roundly criticized when it won a game 106-0, but the program is having inspiring success on and off the field.      

'There is nothing alive on that tree': Inside a giant sequoia grove scorched by the KNP Complex fire

11/26/21 1:00 PM

Most of the giant sequoias killed by the KNP Complex fire were in a single grove, where flames may have blanketed the tops of the trees that rise more than 250 feet.

'This time the world showed it is learning': Japan, Israel impose travel restrictions due to omicron variant

11/29/21 1:23 PM

Nations around the world sought Monday to keep the new omicron variant at bay with travel bans and further restrictions.      

'Vaccine' chosen as the 2021 word of the year by Merriam-Webster

11/29/21 1:29 PM

“This was a word that was extremely high in our data every single day in 2021.”

'What's that smell?' Carson joins Southern California's fraternity of stank

11/22/21 2:00 PM

From a gas leak to a hot sauce factory, many cities in the area have dealt with odd, unpleasant odors over the years.

1 Person In Critical Condition, 8 Displaced After Fire In Aurora

11/28/21 3:44 PM

Eight people were displaced after a fire in a multifamily home in Aurora early Saturday morning. 

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