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How To Get Through The Rest Of The Election Without Losing Your Mind

10/29/20 5:45 AM

The race is a nail-biter, and we may not even declare a victor on Nov. 3. Here's how to deal, according to therapists.

Is It Safe To Host Thanksgiving Dinner During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

10/29/20 5:45 AM

Experts offer science and strategies to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus on Turkey Day 2020.

What You Can And Cannot Wear To Vote, According To Election Experts

10/29/20 5:45 AM

Learn about the rules and risks, whether you're wearing a MAGA hat or a "Vote" T-shirt.

How To Defuse Tense Political Conversations At Work

10/29/20 5:45 AM

You may never get anyone to agree on politics, but there are strategies for keeping teams on the same page about work.

The Surprising Truth About How Long Postpartum Depression Lasts

10/28/20 5:55 PM

It's not just right after giving birth. A new study shows that for a number of moms, symptoms persist for years.

How To Handle It When Your Favorite Children’s Books Didn’t Age So Well

10/29/20 5:45 AM

Teachable moments are, after all, a vital part of storytelling.

The Home Edit Stars Get Real About Parenting And Organizing In 2020

10/29/20 5:45 AM

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin share their advice for parents to keep things tidy in a chaotic time.

Spotted: Girlfriend Collective Is Having A Rare Sitewide Sale

10/26/20 4:41 PM

The sustainable and size-inclusive athleisure brand is having a sitewide sale and offering free shipping on all orders.

These Pandemic Products Definitely Belong In A Time Capsule For 2020

10/28/20 4:13 PM

What was 2020 like? These pandemic products are a window into what we went through this year.

20 Damn-Near Brilliant Products For Problems We All Deal With In The Kitchen

10/29/20 1:42 PM

Including a cutting board that collects juices, an organizer for batteries and an apron with a baking conversion chart.

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