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How To Know If Your Own Doctor (Or A Doctor You Might See) Is A Quack

08/04/20 6:04 PM

Read this to figure out if your physician has some sketchy beliefs not supported by science. Illness is caused by demon sex, for example.

Clorox Won't Have Enough Disinfecting Wipes Until 2021, Its CEO Says

08/04/20 3:09 PM

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered an unprecedented demand for the cleaning product.

SEC Investigating Kodak's Announcement Of $765 Million Government Loan: Report

08/04/20 1:07 PM

The Wall Street Journal reported the news on Tuesday.

Onions Recalled From All 50 States Due To Salmonella Outbreak

08/04/20 12:40 PM

It includes red, white, yellow, and sweet onions from Thomson International.

How You May Be Able To Get COVID-19 Test Results Faster

08/04/20 10:36 AM

Before you get swabbed, read up on why coronavirus tests take so long — and how you might be able to speed up the process.

Man Fires On Cops With AK-47 After Refusing To Wear A Mask: Officials

08/03/20 8:18 PM

Adam Zaborowski's attorney says he was "just not handling the pandemic well" after the 35-year-old was allegedly involved in two shootings in two days.

Health Experts Demand Paid Leave Before Schools Reopen

08/03/20 7:55 PM

More than 500 health professionals signed a letter calling for the expansion of paid family and sick leave to all American workers.

260 Workers In Georgia's Biggest School District Caught Or Were Exposed To COVID-19

08/03/20 7:41 PM

Schools in Gwinnett County are opening for digital classes on Aug. 12, but in a controversial decision, employees are still required to show up in person.

WHO Chief Warns There May Never Be A 'Silver Bullet' For Coronavirus

08/03/20 3:31 PM

The director of the World Health Organization urged people to practice “the basics of public health" to stop outbreaks of COVID-19.

The U.S. Health Care System Is Designed To Fail When It's Needed Most

08/03/20 3:19 PM

When the economy goes bad, coverage gets even harder to keep. More than 20 million could become uninsured this year.

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