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'Telestroke' Care at Hospitals Is Improving Patient Outcomes

03/02/21 11:00 AM

Consulting with a stroke specialist who could be miles away is helping to lead to better patient outcomes, new research shows.

10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

01/30/21 10:07 PM

It’s important to show compassion for others, but how often do we show ourselves that same level of kindness? Beyond bubble baths, here are some ideas. The post 10 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care appeared first on Wanderlust.

5 Mouth-Watering Pancake Recipes to Get You Out of Bed

02/15/21 2:35 PM

We're flipping out over these new recipes in preparation for pancake day. The post 5 Mouth-Watering Pancake Recipes to Get You Out of Bed appeared first on Wanderlust.

A Day in the Life of My Heart Failure

03/01/21 1:06 PM

Heart failure has slowed Aimee Rodriguez Zepeda down, but it hasn’t stopped her. Here’s how she manages the condition every day.

Accidentally Trashed, Thawed or Expired: Reports of Covid Vaccine Spoilage

03/04/21 10:00 AM

As the speed of covid vaccinations picks up, so do the reports of doses going to waste. Health officials are trying to rein in waste without slowing down vaccinations.

Are Turmeric Benefits Worth the Hype? A Sports Dietician Sounds Off

02/23/21 11:20 PM

You’ve probably heard of turmeric by now, the golden spice that’s been promoted for a host of health boons. But what exactly is it? Can turmeric benefits make a difference in your day-to-day life? And what are the best ways to consume it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Are You Feeling Anxiety Or Depression From The COVID-19 Pandemic?

03/02/21 12:26 PM

It's been a long year of the coronavirus pandemic. Let us answer your mental health questions about uncertainty, PTSD, loneliness, grief and more.

As Vaccines Roll Out, Will Risky Behavior Increase?

03/04/21 4:15 PM

Once people are vaccinated, they might head indoors to restaurants or travel, despite the fact that much is still unknown about how variants of the coronavirus might change the course of the pandemic, or even whether a vaccinated person can still transmit the virus.

Ask an Immunologist | Common Misconceptions About COVID-19 Vaccines

03/02/21 4:31 PM

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to be administered across the country, false information about the vaccine can also spread. When it comes to COVID-19 vaccines, it is important to be able to differentiate between common misconceptions and facts. Getting the vaccine is one of the best ways to protect against COVID-19, bringing our communities one step closer to putting an end to this pandemic. Angelina Crans Yoon, MD, an allergist and immunologist at Woodland Clinic, offers her medical expertise to shed some light on lingering questions around the safety of COVID-19 vaccines.

At-Home Back Workouts to Build Size and Strength

03/05/21 7:28 PM

Just because you only have a few choice pieces of equipment to your name doesn’t mean your at-home training options are abysmal. What’s more, if you’re spending more time at home, sitting for most of the day, that’ll do a number on the postural muscles of your upper and lower back. They’re likely screaming for your attention in the form of atrophy, chronic pain, and maybe even some shoulder issues. You know what can turn that all around? At-home back workouts.

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