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'Arrogant’ Meghan McCain Angers Twitter Users Over Joe Biden Attack

06/21/21 5:09 PM

The "View" co-host claimed that the president's support of abortion rights was "doing grave spiritual harm to himself and harm to this country."

'MIND' Diet May Help Preserve Brain in People With MS

06/18/21 2:45 PM

New research suggests the 'MIND' Diet -- a diet designed to boost brain health -- appears to benefit people with MS.

1 in 3 Caregivers for Elderly May Be Untrained, Unscreened

06/24/21 12:12 PM

A new report raises questions about the training and qualifications of many caregivers for the elderly across the United States.

153 Houston Hospital Employees Resign Or Fired Over Refusal To Get COVID-19 Vaccine

06/23/21 1:37 AM

Earlier this month, a federal judge threw out the lawsuit filed by 117 employees over the requirement.

18 Died Of COVID-19 In Texas Prisons After Winning Parole: Report

06/18/21 11:11 PM

A new study found that there's a fatal delay built into the Texas prison system.

33 Incredibly Easy Ways To Get Healthier Hair

06/17/21 10:40 AM

Warning: these tips may increase the amount of hair flips you do each day.

5 Tests You Should Not Order for a Child With Autism

06/21/21 11:43 AM

The American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health lists 5 things doctors and patients should question in tests for kids with behavioral or developmental disorders.

7 Weird, Sneaky Signs You Might Be Dehydrated

06/16/21 11:22 AM

Wondering if you need more H2O? These common but unexpected symptoms may be the clue.

899 People Got Expired Vaccine Doses At Times Square Site

06/15/21 12:03 PM

Individuals who received doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the former NFL Experience building between June 5-10 should schedule another Pfizer shot as soon as possible.

A Break From Breathlessness: How Singing Helped Me Through Long Covid

06/25/21 9:00 AM

Long before covid, music therapists used singing and wind instruments to help COPD and asthma patients. These same therapies might help patients recover from covid’s lingering symptoms as well. And though it wasn’t clinical music therapy, singing with an online choir has helped me navigate long covid.

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