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"Barry" Actor Anthony Carrigan Says He Was Told His Alopecia Meant He Wasn't "Attractive" Enough To Act

05/22/22 3:13 PM

"I'm one of those people that if you told me that I can't do something, I will. Period."View Entire Post ›

"Downton Abbey: A New Era" Is Here, So Here Are 21 Brutally Hilarious Lines From The Dowager Countess

05/25/22 1:46 AM

"I have plenty of friends I don't like."View Entire Post ›

"Killing Eve" Season 4 Showrunner Laura Neal Breaks Down Villanelle And Eve's Final Scene, And 28 More Moments From Filming

04/11/22 5:44 PM

The final scene Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh filmed on Killing Eve was actually Eve and Villanelle's final moments.View Entire Post ›

"Obi-Wan Kenobi": 19 Things To Know About The Show

05/21/22 9:46 PM

The lowdown of the Disney+ upcoming miniseries.View Entire Post ›

"Rude, Demanding, And A Terrible Tipper," And 17 Other Stories About Celeb Customers From The Servers Who Waited On Them

05/22/22 12:15 AM

"The nicest people I ever waited on were Amanda Bynes and Robin Williams."View Entire Post ›

"Stranger Things" Star Natalia Dyer Doesn't Get Why Everyone Is So Interested In Her Relationship With Charlie Heaton

05/25/22 4:23 PM

"I’m always curious as to why it comes up."View Entire Post ›

"Uptown Funk," "Happy," "Rolling In The Deep," And 42 More Of The Biggest Songs Of The 2010s That I Want To Know If You Like Or Not

05/23/22 1:15 PM

I am pretty sure you listened to 95% of these songs at least 100 times.View Entire Post ›

'Angelyne' dresses up Emmy Rossum in a two-dimensional look at the 'billboard queen'

05/19/22 1:18 PM

"Angelyne" approximates its subject in the wrong ways: It's big, attention-getting and has all the depth of a billboard. Emmy Rossum stars and produced this limited series, which doesn't profess to be truth but rather a facsimile of it. In a year that's already given the world the superior "Pam & Tommy," consider this evidence that impressive makeup alone isn't enough.

'Downton Abbey: A New Era' delivers warmth and tears

05/20/22 12:51 PM

Again facing the challenge of coming up with plots worthy of filling a movie, "Downton Abbey: A New Era" adopts a two-track approach, feeling as cozy as a brandy by the fire. Elegant, occasionally adorable and at times quite emotional, series creator Julian Fellowes still knows how to pluck the right strings -- upstairs and downstairs -- to play a symphony with his sprawling cast.

'George Carlin's American Dream' finds the right words to capture the comedy icon

05/20/22 12:54 PM

George Carlin rose to prominence as a stand-up comedian in the 1960s and '70s, reinventing himself multiple times over a career that reveled in the use of language and took sharp aim at society. The complexity of that life and resonance of those words, dirty or otherwise, is neatly distilled into "George Carlin's American Dream," a perceptive two-part look at a comedy legend who, as W. Kamau Bell observes, "still seems to be talking to us."

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