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"Always Pleasure...": PM Modi After Meeting President Biden At G7

06/15/24 6:21 AM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met US President Joe Biden in Italy on the sidelines of the G7 Summit here on Friday night and said India and the US will keep "working together to further global good."

"Significant Overpayment": Elon Musk's X Wants Sacked Staff To Return Money

06/15/24 7:17 AM

Billionaire Elon Musk's X has asked its sacked employees in Australia to return the money it claims was accidentally overpaid to them, the Sydney Morning Herald reported this week.

'Flying taxis' to be tested during Paris Olympics: minister

06/12/24 5:03 PM

France's transport minister said Wednesday that so-called "flying taxis" -- large futuristic drones capable of transporting several people -- would be authorized for use on an experimental basis during the Paris Olympics."We are going to experiment with this world-first during the Olympic Games. It's a technological advance that could be of use," Patrice Vergriete told Le Parisien newspaper.But he also dashed hopes of sports fans hoping to buzz over the City of Light to reach their destinations in July and August, saying that the terms of the authorization would be limited and not include use by the general public."I'm not a fan of the name 'flying taxi' as it's been called," he added before explaining the possible roles for the 18-rotor vehicles which resemble small helicopters.He said they "could be useful as a future ambulance, so let's be pragmatic. Let's analyse the impact and do a cost-benefit analysis."There'll be some test flights during the Games. If we see that they're not effective and that they make too much noise, then we'll draw conclusions," Vergriete added."Flying taxis" were once a staple of science-fiction movies but are now a reality -- in theory.Manufacturers have run into regulatory and safety barriers around the world that have prevented their roll-out.- 'Greenwashing'? -Germany manufacturer Volocopter has been conducting test flights in the Paris region for several years of its two-seater VoloCity and has lobbied hard for authorization from European authorities in time for the Olympics.The company has partnered with French airport operator ADP, the capital's metro and bus operator RATP, and the Paris regional government.Four landing and take-off zones have been built around the capital, including at the Charles de Gaulle airport and the smaller Le Bourget airfield, in addition to a new floating platform on the river Seine in western Paris.In addition to regulatory hurdles, it is yet to convince French authorities of its environmental credentials or utility as a battery-powered low-carbon transport solution.Local councillors in Paris have voted unanimously against the concept."It's greenwashing in its purest form, a mode of transport created for the ultra-rich in a hurry because there's only one space for a passenger," deputy mayor of Paris, Dan Lert, from the French Greens party told AFP.A petition demanding a ban has garnered around 15,000 signatures and a collective named "Flying Taxis, No Thanks" has called for a demonstration on June 21.Volocopter says it has invested around 600 million euros ($650 million) and the group came close to bankruptcy earlier this year.It is aiming for certification from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) "in the autumn", the company said last month.With a maximum airspeed of 110 kilometers (68 miles) per hour, the VoloCity has room for a pilot and a passenger.The Paris Olympics run from July 26-August 11 followed by the Paralympics from August 28-September 8.

'Impossibly Unaffordable': These 10 Cities Top The List of High-Cost Living

06/14/24 10:31 PM

A recent report highlights the intensifying struggle for affordable housing worldwide, not limited to a few major cities but spanning across various countries.

'Plunging into civil war': Canadian government think tank mulls bloody future for America

06/11/24 12:52 PM

A think tank housed within Canada's government has issued a warning about deteriorating conditions in the United States could lead the country "plunging into civil war."As Politico reports, the Policy Horizons Canada think tank released a paper earlier this year that outlines how the political divisions in America could grow to the point where mass violence erupts."This hypothetical was tucked into the middle of the 37-page document, which sketched the possibility in 15 spare words: 'U.S. ideological divisions, democratic erosion, and domestic unrest escalate, plunging the country into civil war,'" reports Politico's Alexander Burns. "It’s an unsettling thing to find out your immediate neighbor is getting nervous about the possibility of gruesome violence in your home."‘MIA MTG’: Why Marjorie Taylor Greene has no district officesThat said, Burns notes that the report sees only a very small chance of such a situation occurring and he wonders if it is simply a projection of Canadian fears about the state of American politics.John McArthur, a Brookings Institution scholar who sits on the Policy Horizons steering committee, speculated to Burns that Trump's presidency completely shook Canadians' notions of their neighbors to the south, with whom they have long shared a mutually peaceful and friendly existence. "Stressing that he was speaking for himself and not Policy Horizons, McArthur noted that the rise of American protectionism and isolationism during the Trump administration had rattled the Canadian psyche and upended decades-old economic relationships," writes Burns. "Donald Trump’s policies and personal behavior toward Canada — including trashing Trudeau after a previous G7 meeting in Quebec — have left a painful mark."

1 Dead, Several Injured In Mexican President-Elect's Motor Convoy Accident

06/15/24 4:57 AM

Mexican president-elect Claudia Sheinbaum's motorcade suffered an accident on Friday, her team said in a statement, leaving one person dead and several injured, though the car Sheinbaum was traveling in was not involved.

11 Of The Best Things To Do In London This Mother's Day And Paddy's Day Weekend

03/17/23 5:02 PM

It's a Mother's Day *and* Paddy's Day double whammy, people.View Entire Post ›

17 Very British Tweets About The Very British Queue To See The Very British Queen's Coffin

09/24/22 1:25 AM

"If you’re British, this is the queue you’ve been training for all your life. The final boss of queues."View Entire Post ›

50 dead in Kuwait fire, mostly from India, minister says

06/13/24 6:41 PM

Most of the victims in a deadly blaze that engulfed a block housing immigrant workers were from India, Kuwait’s foreign minister said on Thursday, raising the death toll to 50.Three Filipinos were among the dead, Philippines officials said, after the fire sent black smoke billowing through the six-storey building south of Kuwait City.Most of oil-rich Kuwait’s four million-plus population is made up of foreigners, many of them from South and Southeast Asia working in construction and service industries.Dozens more were injured in the fire in Mangaf, south of Kuwait City, which broke out around dawn on Wednesday at the ground level of the block housing nearly 200 workers.“One of the injured died” overnight, Foreign Minister Abdullah Al-Yahya told reporters, after 49 people were declared dead on Wednesday.“The majority of the dead are Indians,” he added. “There are other nationalities but I don’t remember exactly.”Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country is “doing everything possible to assist those affected by this gruesome fire tragedy,” in a post on X late on Wednesday.Next of kin will receive payments of 200,000 rupees ($2,400), Modi’s office announced.India’s junior foreign minister Kirti Vardhan Singh, who has arrived to help survivors and repatriate remains on an Indian air force plane, said DNA testing was needed to identify some victims.“Some of the bodies have been charred beyond recognition, so DNA tests (are) underway to identify the victims,” he told Indian media.In Manila, the Department of Migrant Workers said three Filipinos died from smoke inhalation, with two more in critical condition while six escaped unharmed.“We are in touch with the families of all the affected (workers), including the families of those two in critical condition and the families of the three fatalities,” Migrant Workers Secretary Hans Leo J. Cacdac said in a statement.Kuwaiti officials have detained the building’s owner over potential negligence and have warned that any blocks that flout safety rules will be closed.The blaze was one of the worst seen in Kuwait, which borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia and sits on about seven percent of the world’s known oil reserves.In 2009, 57 people died when a Kuwaiti woman, apparently seeking revenge, set fire to a tent at a wedding party when her husband married a second wife.

6 Years After US Mass Shooting, Crew Begins Demolition Of School Building

06/14/24 10:16 PM

More than six years after a gunman massacred 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in one of the worst U.S. school shootings, crews began tearing down the abandoned building on Friday.

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